Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving SUPERCLASS w/ Dale

I am announcing my Thanksgiving class.  Last years was fairly successful.  I was worried about over crowding so i held two classes, 1 after another!  Lucky for us we are now in a room that is almost 3x the size so we wont have to worry about doing stupid things like that!

Here is the blog i wrote for last years class:

As always, i will be raising the stakes and doing some special things and going on some uncharted territory.  I will be having a drawing, door prizes, and we will just have a GREAT time!

I am giving a big discount on this class if you bring relatives that have never been to a class with me.  (you are going to hang out with them anyway!!!

***Bring a Relative***

Bring a relative who have never been to a zumba with Dale class and you qualify for any of the discounts below:

Bring 1 Relatives, and you BOTH pay $5 
Bring 2 Relatives, and the THREE of you pay $3.33
Bring 4 Relatives, and the FIVE of you pay $2

RELATIVES DO NOT QUALIFY If: the relative has been to a zumba class with Dale Parker, and the relative has to pay full price, $10

Anyhow, come out for a GREAT time!

   I love my Job!


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