Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Revisited

    I had quite a late start promoting this class, so i didnt think i would have a good turn out.  It "turns out" i got an Xcite Zumba record number.  33 ppl on the sign in sheet.  Which is great news for future growth of this new zumba group at Xcite Dance.

   5 new songs including 1 split songs, and also two songs w/ lights out disco style.  We had a blast!

New Songs for the class

1)  "Im in the House"  By Steve Aoki Feat Zuper Blahc & LMFAO ( Hip Hop,   Warm up Choreography by Dale Parker)

2)  "Doktor"  By Ismail  (Pop / Bollywood ,  Choreography by Alexi Montes/Dale Parker)

3)  "PYT"  By Michael Jackson  (Disco / Pop,   Choreograpy by Dale Parker)

4)  "Sexy Back"  By Justin Timberlake feat Timbaland  (Hip hop. Choreography by Dale Parker)

5)  "Cabecinha tudo" By Bonde do Tigrao  (Brazilian Funk,  Split Choreography by Dale Parker)

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