Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates, Happenings.

Hey Z/D Crew!  ("The Dale's Angels" =) )  Couple of new things:

I added a bunch of new videos to my Youtube Channel, "LatinFitnessTutor" (the one demonstrating the moves).  I now have all of the basic moves for the zumba basic rythms (Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia).  Check it out here: .  And as always, keep me posted on any you might want me to add.  Keep me busy.. Also give me stuff to blog about, i need it.

Also, There is an event i am participating in.  It is a charity event i am participating in.  It is benefiting the World Womens Health Initiative.  It is Next Saturday, There are several instructors participating, it goes all day long.  I am teaching from 1 PM to 2 PM with another instructor.  Here is the facebook event!/event.php?eid=173864919346356

1 More thing.  A Zumba guy is coming to utah, a really good one or i wouldnt even mention him.  I am going to this class for sure, he is one of my personal favorites.  His name is "Fabio Barros".  He is a Brazilian instructor who currently lives in Miami (the zumba HQ).  He is a performer turned zumba instructor.  He is known for doing shows w/ swords before the class, and his belly dance. He is a brazillain and is an expert at the brazillian rythms as well.  While he is out here, he is also doing a brazillian rythms workshop, i am more than likely attending.  Anyhow, i need 10 ppl to sign up with me.  Let me know asap if you are interested.  Here is the FB event:!/event.php?eid=131459373612380

Thank you guys!  It is great to see all of the new faces at the studio lately.  As always, more great stuff coming, in the works.  I love my Job!


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