Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zumba while Pregnant?

   Lately, I have had a few expecting mothers in my classes asking me about what to watch out for in class while they are pregnant.  It is important to keep exercising though out your pregnancy, however, you need to be more careful.  I have a few different things to watch out for:

1)  Watch any exercises involving your stomach -  Such as sit ups, crunches..  Watch the standing crunches I do in class.  Also, watch your lounges and squats - many fitness professionals do not recommend expecting mothers to do these at all because sometimes it is challenging not to involve your stomach.

2)  Low impact - No jumping!  Do not let both feet leave the floor at once.  Ex - Jumping jacks should be       executed  with a step-out, step-out, step-in, step-in motion, opposed to out in, out in.

3)  Do not exert yourself - The idea is to maintain your fitness level, not move up to the next.  The reason is, you dont want to bring your body temperature up too high.. Your baby does not cool down as fast as you do.

4)  Drink Plenty of water! -  In a group fitness class, Affa recommends you drink at least 16 oz. before class, 16 oz. during, and 16 oz after.  This is for everyone!  But is more important when you are pregnant!

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