Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zumba Parties w/ the Z/D crew!

I just did a free class the other day. It was in lehi.... The zumba w/ dale (Z/D) crew in lehi got a free class last tuesday and i just got amazing adveritizing. Id like to give a very special thanks to Melissa, who set the whole thing up.
Melissa Beagley, A regular at the mondays and wednesday classes at Z/D midvale, Member of the MIDVALE MOB
It was at a lds church for a church activity. All Melissa did was she talked to the activities director. Social groups usually like this type of thing.. who doesnt like zumba right? There where over 20 ppl there, so i awarded Melissa with this shirt.
This is the Shirt im awarding melissa! thats right, im getting purple racers in now!
WAY TO GO MELISSA!!! I have every Tues and Thurs night WIDE open! Schedule a zumba party with me! Its a great excuse for everyone in the Z/D crew to get together and tear it up! lol.. all you have to do is get a group together.. often that just requires talking to an activities director of any club, church, social group etc. I do these for FREE so i can promote my studio classes.


  1. Wow a whole blog about me...gee thanks. It was awesome and I have alot of people interested. They are even talking about having you come back in the spring and getting more of the older women to try it. Thanks Dale.

  2. THanks Melissa! you are a huge part of my classes and quite frankly a big reason why my dreams are coming true! the least i could do for setting up that class was blog about you, Tell them im interested!

    I dont see your a follower of this blog, Can you make me feel a bit more loved and become a follower? =) thanks

  3. Okey per your request I am now following


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