Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

As far as loosing body fat, and even weight loss, early morning exercise is HUGE!

Every night when you goto sleep, you go several hours without eating anything.  Your body is digesting whatever remains from the previous day.  So when you wake up and exercise first thing, the calories that you are burning goes directly toward your stored energy (fat) and not burning off the energy you acquired from your last meal.

One might say you can get the same result by just not eating.. DONT DO THAT!!!  as we all know your metabolism drops and our body goes into "famine mode" - this is where our body holds onto what ever it has and "stores energy" or fat so we can have energy to do what ever we want to do..  On the flip side, if we are currently eating frequently, our body doesnt hold onto "energy" because it always has a constant flow of it coming in all of the time.. our metabolism rises..   So you will want to wake up early in the morning, exercise, and then eat..  Ideally an hour - hour and a half after you exercise for the maximum benefit....

Come to my Thursday morning ripped class:

Thrusday 5:30 AM
west valley fitness center
3100 S. 5414 W.

my ripped profile:  http://www.rippedusa.com/huddle/profile/243-dale-parker

about ripped:http://www.rippedusa.com/about-us/about-r-i-p-p-e-d.html

You will never regret coming..  Thursday mornings i feel like i can conquer the WORLD!!!  you feel it everywhere!


Monday and Wednesday 6:00 AM
Dimple Dell Recreation center
10670 South 1000 East

See you all there!  WAKE UP and reach your fitness goals twice as fast!  If i can do it, you can do it!

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