Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zumba At the "Midvalley Center for the Performing Arts" 7677 S. Main St. (700 W.) Midvale 84047

This Is Where i Teach zumba!

  Nice little studio!  Ive been teaching here since January 2010.  Notice the orange zumba sign in the window.  Also there are my fliers taped to the Window.

When you are going down the st, look for this big blue awning.   It is just down a few business's north of the comedy circuit on the East side of the road.

It is where the Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance practices.  The U.H.D.A. Is a group that travels around locally as well as nationally and internationally and does folk dances from all different latin countrys.  Thats all that happens there.  It was a amazing find for me.  Thanks to one of my zumba students, Oxana.

There is a small foyer inside the front doors.  This is the dance floor from the front foyer.

This is the view from the back of the studio.  Its much easier to park here.  

This is coming onto the dance floor from the back entrance.

Front view.  Fits about 30 ppl, but I rarely get more than 20.  between 5-20 ppl per class.  Who's the good looking guy?

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  1. It's a great looking place! Can't wait to come and try a class!


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