About Dale


-Certified for Zumba over 4 years
-Started teaching first Zumba class in July 2008
-Classes SOLD OUT at EVERY Recreational / fitness facility he has ever worked at longer than 6 months on a regular basis.  (Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, West Valley Family Fitness Center,  Lehi Legacy Center.)
-Wrote over 100 different original choreographies used in zumba classes
-Memorized over 150 choreographies he has used in zumba classes
-Choreographed dances specifically for dance competitions, schools, parties.
-Has held regular classes at 8 different venues in 3 counties in utah
-Participated in 13 different special zumba classes in 3 different states
-Participated in 5 different Charity Events
-Has Held 6 different Master classes  (1 solo, 4 with zumba squad, 1 with DJ Francis Utah crew)
-His one and only Solo master class (meaning attendees where not coming for a cause, proceeds where not going to a cause, only to see Dale and only Dale teach) Feb. 5th 2011:  Sold out with over 100 ppl 4 days prior at  $10 a head,  Promoted for 3 Weeks.
 - Featured on Abc 4 News, "Good Morning Utah" 03/02/2011
-Certified with Affa, Crossfit, Zumba(3x), RIPPED, FitTour(2x).
-Has taught EVERY type of fitness format
-Was trained ballroom dance in school
-The First Male instructor in Utah.
-One of the Most widely Recongnized zumba instructors in Utah
-Continues to inspire New Instructors to join the zumba team!
-Has the most liked Utah Zumba Class on Facebook

Zumba Bio

 Dales Zumba success story started in the fall of 2007 when his personal life fell apart.  His professional life fell apart in the first half of 2008 when the recession hit the construcion industry.  He had a very successful young adulthood, and was devistated after everything he had aquired and worked for was literally lost. ... Dale began to build his life on completely different standards..  Every truth he knew before had blown up in his face.. 

     The first step he decided was to deal with his depression.  The best way he decided was to get alot of sun and work out regularly.  The work out routine was work for sure...  every second of it.  The girl he was dating at the time suggested he goto a zumba class (which happened to be Dale's Mothers).   Dale maintained an open mind and tried it for a couple weeks.  He found he was getting a great work out and the time went by very fast.  After he split with his gf and she stopped going, he decided that feeling awkward in front of a group of girls was not a reason not to come, and kept on coming..  It was getting easier and more and more enjoyable..  Dale even moved to the front of the room and began to show off a bit!  After about 3 months of going to zumba, the class demanded with the facility that he start teaching!  Dale rose to the challenge (thinking it might be a great outlet to find girls!) and learned some choreographies and started teaching.  He certified that fall!

Meanwhile, Dales professional life was a mess.  He had gone from working 60 hour weeks to working 10 hour weeks if that.  Searching everywhere, trying new things, dale even attempted a couple buisness ventures.. Nothing was working.   Desperate he joined a rough landscaping company.  Dale Quotes :

 "I remember sitting in a ditch in Orem Utah..  It was a 2 months after i had started teaching zumba.  It was right next to a busy, busy road...  it was over 100 degrees farenheit.  I was digging out the ditch with a pic - the ground made of hard, hard clay and rocks.. my hands where all blistered.. I had lost my family, my house, my job, my religion, i lived in my moms basement.....  I was working for $10 an hour opposed to $25-40  an hour.. Yet, i was happy..  After some thought, i realized that i was happy because for once in my life i was doing what i loved and keeping a really consistant exercise schedule.   Almost my whole life i have been a depressed person.. and now i wasnt when on paper it is the lowest point in my life.  Then i realized happiness does not come from material things(major clique) - And i wanted to do some form of dance fitness for the rest of my life.

What started as something Dale used as an outlet to get girls (which didnt pay off for a couple of years) ended up being the passion of his life.  Dale LOVED zumba!  He loved expressing his deep passion for music though dancing and writing choreography's.  And his classes felt it and loved him back!  Dale was flattered to discover that many of his students highlight of their week was right there in zumba class, where his was too. Within six months of teaching at cottonwood heights rec center, Dale's classes outgrew the aerobics room and moved into the gym.  

The next year went by, and Dale was still not satisfied with his financials..  He bagan exploring new possibilities..  What could he do, what was he good at..  Then it hit him.  ZUMBA!  It was then when he began renting a studio for his longtime loyals from where he started at cottonwood heights, the bulk of the "Midvale Mob", his second family.   This way he could get paid for his talents and not just continue to make the facilities he worked for filthy rich.   It wasnt enough to offer one of the very best zumba classes in utah... Dale made up his mind he was going to be a professional - Make a living, pay rent, support his kids off of a zumba salary and no help from a significant other.   This could only be done by working in exclusive locations, and not in recreation centers or gyms.  Many people who he has shared this dream with including many fellow instructors have laughed at the idea and say it cant be done...

The first studio he started renting January of 2010.  It was a small, humble place in the old part of midvale..  It wasnt long until that place got too small...  Holding only 20 ppl comfortably.  In June 2011, "The Midvale Mob" moved to Xcite Studio in Sandy, the perfect place, location to hold class.  Now, the best classes are offered at the best location!  

It has been a slow process, and an eye opener, but Dale continues to move closer and closer to his goal of making a living teaching zumba...   Zumba is among the best things that has ever happened to dale..