Thursday, February 9, 2012

NW: The Grammy Nominated "Super Bad" Star Jonah Hill's Diet

Everybody has witnessed recent Grammy nominee Jonahs transformation, What did he eat?  How did he do it?

If you can remember him back in his old movies, the guy looked like a complete slob!  I always liked him, but he looked like he ate nothing but twinkies and pizza.  Since the days of superbad, 10 years ago, jonah has grown up.  Jonah says he isnt an 18 year old looking to get laid anymore like he was in superbad.  Now pushing 30, as he takes his career more seriously.  His first serious role in "Money Ball" he recieved a grammy nomination.  Jonah has now decided to drop the pounds for a part in the upcoming movie "21 Jump Street" and to pursue a wider variety of acting roles.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun endeavor I’ve ever took on in my life — but it’s important. And I’m enjoying it. If I eat something unhealthy now, I kind of feel a little weird and my body hurts.” Says Jonah. This is a great place to be, where you are over the fat / sugar craving stage. Jona has been somewhat allusive with his diet, but says it was a "Mostly Diet". And it is a japanese diet. Sushi? Sushi without rice? No more pizza and twinkies for you! Anyhow he dropped a whopping 40 lbs last year with whatever he did.

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