Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little Help With Amy

Hello everyone. Amy Hooker here, I wanted to introduce myself by telling you all just a little about who I am and what my goal is for this blog.

I was born and raised in Utah County. I have 3 children, Have been a home maker for 14 years. I never worked out religiously until I Started doing zumba with one of my daughters a year and a half ago; which was when I started dating Dale. Afterall, his zumba class was where we met. I've been hooked on both ever since.

My goal for contributing to this blog is to share with you products I'm currently trying in order to get more energy, feel healthier, find supplements that actually do what they say they will, then of course share my finding's both negative and positive with you guys. This will also be a place where you can ask me questions about anything. Health products you want more information about, or maybe my opinion on. Now I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert, I am however someone who tries a lot of different things in search of that product that really does what it says and make me feel better for using it. I'm also a real person with the same questions, concerns, and curiosity's about ways to improve our health, maximize our work outs and live a healthier life style.


With that being said here is my first review. Now some of you may have noticed during our drink breaks inbetween songs in class, I tend to go over to the corner, put something in my mouth and come back to my spot looking like a chipmunk storing nuts in my cheeks. In all actuality I am munching on a Nature valley "Recharge" bar that I pick up from 7 eleven right down the street from the studio before class. They have 2 flavors, Cranberry Almond, and Cherry Dark Chocolate. I stumbled upon these about 4 weeks ago when I was so hungry before a class that I just needed something to tie me over. It caught my attention over the others because I love Cranberry's and Almonds for starter. Its says right on the front in bold letters "RECHARGE" which is what I needed. Something to give me a boost before class and take me through it with out feeling drained.

I have to admit, it worked great! I
also found it to be very light, didnt weigh in my stomach while jumping around in class. It actually helped me go harder in class, kept my stamina up and actually filled me up enough that after class I wasn't starving. The fact that it has 10g of Protein which not only fills you up but also is a key ingredient to building/firming muscles. So give it a try if you are interested. Leave your feedback, Id love to hear how it worked for you.


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