Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Help with Amy

Hey Everyone.

 A student of Dale's West Valley Class by the name of Cindy asked me last week if "..you can figure out ways not to feel tired and drug out".

 I'm going to tell you a few different thing's I have tried. Some have worked and honestly some havent. However, just because they didn't work for me doesnt mean they couldnt work for you. So I will name them all.

 Vitamin B12 drops. You put them under your tongue for 30 secs so It can get absorbed more quickly as apposed to swallowing them, waiting up to 30 mins to feel it and still loosing some with what our stomache acids kill. For me personally I didnt feel a whole lot of difference. However one of my daughters being the age of 15 says she does feel a difference. She'll take them about 5-10 mins before her P.E class at school.

 Now I know for a while there the big thing was "Green Tea'' everything. I never did try the weight loss ones but I do currently take 600mg Green Tea /300mg EGCG combo. The actual brand I use is "TruNature". This has great Antioxidants and helps promote Energy. This is in no way a sugar rush. It does have some caffeine in it but its not the same as drinking a bunch of coffee. Here's why. I dont take these every day. Even though they are completely safe to do so, I just dont need extra energy everyday. If I have no appointments and no place to go, for me theres no point in it. However, when I have a day of house cleaning, laundry catch up, errand after errand I will take 2 in the morning along with breakfast. I do recommend taking these with food. I noticed my stomache was a little upset if I didnt.  It would go away after about 30 mins. Skip that crummy feeling and eat something before hand.

What I noticed the most when I take these is I keep going for a good 6-7 hours. Not rushing out of control jittery, I just dont run out of energy. I get everything done and feel good about a productive day. I dont want to sound like a commercial but you really dont crash. Because you dont get an all of a sudden rush of energy you also dont get an all of a sudden crash moment. I simply notice I'm slowing down a bit. I dont sleep differently or feel strange. It honestly feels like my own energy , just more of it. I personally wouldnt take it at night, because you do need to work off energy you know have. You could take it a couple of hours before a work out and it will carry you through it really well. At least in my experience.

 Now here's my last one and this is new. I too am going to start this one simply because I always like to change up with I'm giving my body. If I used the Green Tea Energy Pills all the time I think I would start to not get such a good reaction out of them. So I will often go back and forth between a couple of things that work for me. I'm excited about this new one. I actually got it from watching the  "Dr.Oz" show just today.  He refers to it as "an energy cocktail" It pretains of 50mg B-Complex Vitamin and 1.000 units of Vitamin D3. If anyone wants to try this with me and we can compare how we feel, that would be great.

 Something to keep in mind friends - Whatever your taking, taking more will do nothing but waste your product. Your body can absord only so much and it will simply get rid of what it doesnt need or cant absorb anymore. So save your money and your product and only use the recommended amount. More is not better.

 Keep me updated on any of your experiences if you choose to try these. If anyone has another energy booster, please feel free to share with us. Thank you Cindy for asking this question. Anyone else have something you want me to look into?  I'll make sure to get the information your looking for.


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