Sunday, February 19, 2012

FW: Improving one spot of your body - DONT THINK THIS WAY!

(There were no posts last week, I took the week off in preparation for my ripped class..)

Some time ago i was looking to tone up my arms.  I ran into this interesting bit.

"Best arm toning exercises"

1. Tricep close hand bench press
2. Military press bicep curl
3. Dumbell Squat

Why in the WORLD are dumbell squats in there?

It turns out that in working very large muscle groups burns larger amounts of calories and jump starts your metabolism - which in turn burns your overall body fat and reduces the fat of your arms along with body fat everywhere else.

So one great reason why you would not want to focus on one spot of your body is because it is more effective to ad in an exercise that will improve your overall body muscles and / or body fat and not just focusing one one part of your body.  For example, the logical thing for someone who is uninformed to ad to the list above if they did not know about #3 would most likely be a shoulder exercise like shoulder raises or presses.   The most common example of someone working so hard on one spot would be someone working hard trying to get rid of their love handles or belly fat, doing a hundred sit ups / core related exercises and not seeing many results.  We have all heard trainers say "No matter how many sit ups you do, we arent going to see your abs until you loose the layer of fat on top of them."  And perhaps suggest an aerobic exercise to supplement the work out routine.

"SPOT REDUCING IS A MYTH" - this comes from several different sources.  Here is a link from a blog, .  This and many other sites, fitness professionals claim that it is impossible, or nearly impossible to do this.  That fat is lost in a certain order, Ill explain.  People loose weight, and gain weight in certain areas first.  For example, a person with a pear shaped body type will often put weight on their thighs and butt and sometimes can even maintain a somewhat toned upper body while having all kinds of junk in their trunk.   Another example, might be with many men that carry belly fat.  Belly fat is very often the last thing that goes on guys.  Most men would LOVE to have a six pack, however, the majority of men, would have to be lean everywhere on their body before they loose their belly fat.  So in order to get a six pack, a typical man would have to have an amazing diet, and or be inrolled in a full body workout, and be toned on many different parts of their body before they loose the belly fat.

Curious about other subjects?  Let me research them.  I spend hours weekly researching in preparation for this blog.  I can get you the information you would like exactly, and not something i would think you would want to hear about.

I love my job!


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