Thursday, January 5, 2012

FW - Preventing muscle strain

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What is Muscle Strain?

Muscle strain is when muscle fibers are stretched.  This happens when the muscle is overloaded, often when we are doing something we do not normally do or doing something much more intrense than usual.  There are 3 grades of muscle strain.  The first grade is when less than 5% are damaged, 2-4 weeks recovery. The second is a bit more serious, 3-6 weeks recovery.  The third grade is when the muscle is completely ruptured or torn in two  =/.

How do i Prevent muscle strain?

1 Warm up:

We do this in class...  This is why i am very thorough with all major muscle groups at the beginning of class.  The purpose is to raise your temperature so muscles are able to stretch more without strain.

2 Practice flexablility.

Again so one can stretch more without strain.  We stretch at the cool down, but i suggest taking 30 mins a couple times a week and do stretches that are done in mat classes.

3 Diet

CARBS.  Carbs are fuel for the body.  Not only is it good to load up on carbs for extra energy in class, it is also very good for muscle contractions.  DO NOT CUT THESE OUT!  As Atkins and other diets have given carbs a bad rep in recent years.   You will work harder and not only burn off the calories from carbs,  but will burn more all together compared to when you cut carbohydrates out.  A typical professional athletes diet consists of 60% carbs, and professional athletes are among the most lean group of ppl.

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