Sunday, January 8, 2012

FW - Find your motivation to reach your fitness goals.

What is your new years resolution?  The most popular goal year after year is Weight loss.  If it is the most popular goal year after year is it safe to say many people have this same popular goal many consecutive years?  One of the most conservative ways of doing this is though fitness.  In January, the fitness industry is at its peak, gyms are full and typically gym participants diminish in February and March.  This reflects the general public in how we start our fitness regime in January, and it usually ends in a month or two.  So why dont we stick with our fitness regime?  Maybe we do not have enough motivation.  Your motivation might start as a reason, become an addition and even a lifestyle.

Finding a reason for your motivation

What is your reason to change and improve? You might start by asking  yourself these questions

-Are you competitive?
-Are you a born athlete?
-Are you goal oriented?
-Do you want to perform better – physically or mentally?
-Do you want to look and/or feel better?
-Do you want to live longer?

Which of these fits you best?  Stick with it and use it as a motivator.  The ultimate goal is to make your fitness regime or the results you get from your fitness regime an addiction. And by addiction I mean a postitive behavioral addiction. As we know, Addictions can be anything we make them. moderate or severe. It can be based on competitiveness or just for recreation.  Sometimes it may be really hard, but once you are addicted to it, it is hard to live without it.  One example of a postive fitness addicted person  is, they are on the road to success and fall off the cloud when they make an unnecessary pitstop.  Another might be, because of their fitness program they are following they look and feel better, even think clearer; life is much better, so one would make sure they put in their weekly exercise rather than going back to their old self.

Beto Perez teaching zumba w/ Gina, Tanya, Azuka

Alongside of being addicted to your program, make it a lifestyle. Over the years I have known ppl that have started a exercise regime, that get extremely motivated at times, stick with it for 2-4 months, not get the results they expected, get discouraged and their consistency drops.    Learn to put in into your life and the results will come, month after month, year after year.  The great thing about many zumba classes is,  most zumba classes (including my own, I make sure of this) have so much variety in their moves, speeds, intervals etc, that it is hard to reach a fitness plateau. My mother for instance (Julie Ray) Has been a fitness instructor for about 30 years, and with zumba she has constantly been loosing inches off her waist year after year (she has been teaching almost 6 years).  And some of you have witnessed my change over the years.  I teach zumba, but happen to be straight as an arrow, so I dont keep track of inches, but I continue to look better and better (I am pushing 30 and look and feel better than I have my whole life).

Lets all Stick with the program and not have to make the most popular new years resolution our resolution next year as well.

I love my Job!!


P.S.   To give my clients some extra "Motivation", I am offering 10 punch cards at a discount rate for the month of January,   Buy one get one 50% off

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