Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December - The most important time to exercise

This holiday season, like every holiday season is going to get busy.  Something one might throw out to make extra time is exercise.  This is an awful time to do this particularly because Christmas sweets are all too accessible and always around the house.

Other reasons might be winter depression (which often leads to weigh gain and overeating).  December has the shortest days of the year, and no one wants to go out in the cold weather.  Without the sunlight we are not receiving the ultra violet rays that help our bodies produce vitamin D (which is a large cause of depression also a major reason why we get the flu season at the same time every year - when we start staying indoors).

So lets all make an effort to make time to exercise this December so our new years resolution is not to get into the same shape we where in November!

I love my Job!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Revisited

    I had quite a late start promoting this class, so i didnt think i would have a good turn out.  It "turns out" i got an Xcite Zumba record number.  33 ppl on the sign in sheet.  Which is great news for future growth of this new zumba group at Xcite Dance.

   5 new songs including 1 split songs, and also two songs w/ lights out disco style.  We had a blast!

New Songs for the class

1)  "Im in the House"  By Steve Aoki Feat Zuper Blahc & LMFAO ( Hip Hop,   Warm up Choreography by Dale Parker)

2)  "Doktor"  By Ismail  (Pop / Bollywood ,  Choreography by Alexi Montes/Dale Parker)

3)  "PYT"  By Michael Jackson  (Disco / Pop,   Choreograpy by Dale Parker)

4)  "Sexy Back"  By Justin Timberlake feat Timbaland  (Hip hop. Choreography by Dale Parker)

5)  "Cabecinha tudo" By Bonde do Tigrao  (Brazilian Funk,  Split Choreography by Dale Parker)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving SUPERCLASS w/ Dale

I am announcing my Thanksgiving class.  Last years was fairly successful.  I was worried about over crowding so i held two classes, 1 after another!  Lucky for us we are now in a room that is almost 3x the size so we wont have to worry about doing stupid things like that!

Here is the blog i wrote for last years class:

As always, i will be raising the stakes and doing some special things and going on some uncharted territory.  I will be having a drawing, door prizes, and we will just have a GREAT time!

I am giving a big discount on this class if you bring relatives that have never been to a class with me.  (you are going to hang out with them anyway!!!

***Bring a Relative***

Bring a relative who have never been to a zumba with Dale class and you qualify for any of the discounts below:

Bring 1 Relatives, and you BOTH pay $5 
Bring 2 Relatives, and the THREE of you pay $3.33
Bring 4 Relatives, and the FIVE of you pay $2

RELATIVES DO NOT QUALIFY If: the relative has been to a zumba class with Dale Parker, and the relative has to pay full price, $10

Anyhow, come out for a GREAT time!

   I love my Job!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zumba @ Xcite's "West Valley Days"

A month or so ago i quit my friday class at the west valley fitness center.  My clientelle over there seemed to be a bit upset over it, i had been teaching over there for a year and a half.  To make it a bit easier on them i came up with "West Valley Days".

Any Student of mine who was a regular at my Wednesday or more recent Friday night class can come to studio Xcite where i now teach exclusively at, ANYTIME in the month of november and get in free in exchange for a bit of promoting.  All they have to do is bring someone who lives in Sandy or even Draper Utah..  

So we need someone who lives in Sandy/Draper who has never been to Xcite dance, and we need some mail and an id to prove they are a Sandy/Draper resident.  and you and your friend from sandy are FREEEEE!

I love my job.