Friday, September 16, 2011

Zumba Parties w/ the Z/D Crew

Yesterday we had a Zumba Party that was free for everyone.  I promoted it though the brand new text line.  To here about future ones you will need to join the text line, or rely on someone else who gets them.  join here:  I have been doing them once or twice a month since we moved.

Dani put this one on primarily with her friends from work.  I gave her a 5 punch to show my appreciation.

So basically, i give these to ppl that set up these parties, at Xcite or somewhere else with at least 10 ppl who have never attended my classes.

Dani Renfro (left) and her family.
Dani lives within walking distance of class,  She just moved in from california earlier this summer and we are glad she moved into our class,  her positive energy has been great.  Thank you Dani!  We appreciate you and your help in bringing new ppl out to studio Xcite!

I love my Job!


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