Monday, August 15, 2011

New Songs

1) "On the Dancefloor"  By David Guetta Feat. Will I.AM. (Hip hop, Warm up Choreo by Dale Parker)

2) "Relaxa Senão Não Encaixa"  By Mc Biju  (Axe, Choreography by Dale Parker)

3)  "Pause"  By Pitbull Feat Ne-Yo  ( Hip hop, Zumba Choreography by Beto Perez)

4) "Paragas"  By Zumba Fitness (Cumbia, Zumba Choreography by Beto Perez )

5)  "Pitchea"  By Enimencia classica  (Reggaeton (or  as they call it cubaton),  Choreography by Dale Parker)

6)  "Estamos Calienticos"  By Zumba Fitness  ( Samba Choreography by Alexi Montes)

7)  "Reptiles Theme"  By Skrillix (Dubstep,  Choreography by Dale Parker)

8) "lo que no sabes tu" by  El Potro Alvarez y Chino y Nacho ( Merengue / Reggae, Choreography by Alejandro Nike)

9)  "Animal Rights"  By Deadmau5   (Dubstep,  Leg Toning Choreography by Dale Parker)

10)  "Let the Music play"  By ??? ( Bollywood,  Choreography by Dale Parker)

11)  "I wanna Go"  By Brittany Spears  ( Pop,  Warm up Choreography by Dale Parker)

12) "Get Down Hit the Floor"  By Twista   ( Hip Hop, Choreography by Dale Parker)

13)   "O Baile Todo"  By Bonde Do Tigrao  (  Brazilian Funk, Choreography by Dale Parker)

How did you like it?    Comment below

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates, Happenings.

Hey Z/D Crew!  ("The Dale's Angels" =) )  Couple of new things:

I added a bunch of new videos to my Youtube Channel, "LatinFitnessTutor" (the one demonstrating the moves).  I now have all of the basic moves for the zumba basic rythms (Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia).  Check it out here: .  And as always, keep me posted on any you might want me to add.  Keep me busy.. Also give me stuff to blog about, i need it.

Also, There is an event i am participating in.  It is a charity event i am participating in.  It is benefiting the World Womens Health Initiative.  It is Next Saturday, There are several instructors participating, it goes all day long.  I am teaching from 1 PM to 2 PM with another instructor.  Here is the facebook event!/event.php?eid=173864919346356

1 More thing.  A Zumba guy is coming to utah, a really good one or i wouldnt even mention him.  I am going to this class for sure, he is one of my personal favorites.  His name is "Fabio Barros".  He is a Brazilian instructor who currently lives in Miami (the zumba HQ).  He is a performer turned zumba instructor.  He is known for doing shows w/ swords before the class, and his belly dance. He is a brazillain and is an expert at the brazillian rythms as well.  While he is out here, he is also doing a brazillian rythms workshop, i am more than likely attending.  Anyhow, i need 10 ppl to sign up with me.  Let me know asap if you are interested.  Here is the FB event:!/event.php?eid=131459373612380

Thank you guys!  It is great to see all of the new faces at the studio lately.  As always, more great stuff coming, in the works.  I love my Job!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zumba Parties w/ the Z/D crew

I am availabe every Tuesday or Thursday night, and All you need is 10 ppl to come that have never attended my classes before.  Z/D Parties are free for EVERYONE.  I gave one of these to the girls for throwing the parties.

A couple of ppl have set up parties for me recently, both at Xcite Dance.

The first one, Missie Crandall Set one up for me July 21st.  She set it up with girls in the neighborhood.  It went quite well,  14 new ppl showed up, we all had alot of fun.  Missie has her daughter enrolled in dance classes at the beautiful Studio Xcite.  She has been coming to Z/D classes ever since the grand opening class at the new Sandy location.   THANKS Missie!

Also, i have an upcoming party on the 11th of August at 7 PM.  Priya Chetter Set this one up with her work buddies.

Priya Chetter
Priya has been to almost every Z/D class since she started July 1st.  The Fiji native has been way helpful in getting some great new music for Z/D classes.  Thank you Priya!