Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Standard - Z with Dale Classes

Moving to Xcite dance was a huge step in improving the quality of my classes.  With this big step, i decided that now was a good time to make my classes even better once again to offer the best class possible for my students.  The following are a few other steps that i have made.

1)  Payment Options etc.

                 Drop ins now $7
                 New 5 punch pass, $30
                 Monthy Memberships  $45
                 (10 punch pass still $50)

2)  Front Desk help:   

      Before it was becoming quite a joke trying to teach a class while collecting money, signing ppl in all at the same time.  I have hired someone to help out daily.  Check in with her beforehand.

3)  100% Mixed class :

        It does take time, but I started t doing a continueous mix throughout the whole 1 hour class. (Ill take requests and cool down after.. my classes end up about 1:15 mins.)  This way class is more intense, the cardio wont drop as much, and it flows better.  I have / will also throw in 10 second breaks to grab water.

Sold out Master Class w/ Dale.  Feb 5th 2011
4)  New Direction, Approach w/ Music:

     Before, i have always been very true to what i believe the zumba formula should be.  75% Zumba basic rythms (cumbia/salsa/reggaeton/merengue).  I am changing that percentage for a number of reasons. Quite frankly, the basic have lost much of their novelty to me and my longtime students over the last 3 years.   Also  I am on the east side now.. not in midvale that is predominately latin.. White music.  

    Anyhow, with electronic music being more popular than ever, i am doing alot more of it.  Also, i have always been great at hip hop...  my classes are always begging for it. So there will be less latin, more Electronic / Hip hop. 

   The new standard is the best music, and not the most popular, which is not usually the same.  This takes at least 3 - 4x longer to find....  but i intend to offer the best class possible.

Questions?  Comment below or email me...

I love my Job!


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