Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finding Studio Xcite

I dont want anybody to get lost looking for the new location i teach..  It always happens.

The star is where Studio Xcite is
From the North::

 Come off I-15 on exit # 295 (90th South), go under the under pass (head east (toward the mountains)) Pass state st (on 90th south) and turn right on 700 east.

The 90th south/ 700 east intersection should have a cemetary, and a Zions bank, a 7-eleven, and a cemetary.   Follow 700 east 2 and a half blocks, you will pass sherman williams,Tunex, Master muffler.  You should see a Golds gym and Tin roof grill on the left side of where you turn in.  on the right side, you should be turning in in between Les swab and wallpaper warehouse.  Look for this sign.

Studio Xcite is set back roughly 100 yards kind of behind les swab

If you reach pep boys, wendys you have gone too far.

From the South:
Get off on Exit 293 (106th south), turn right, head east on 106th (toward the mountains).  Southtown mall, village inn, fridays should be on your left, you will pass them and turn left on state st (the intersection should have a magrafs fish house, johny carinos).   Head north on state, you should pass chillis, chick fillet, pass though sego lily on state, pass jordan high school, turn right on 9400 South (on the intersection of 9400 south and state st, Jordan commons, the mayan, the southtown expo center). Head east toward the mountains on 9400 south, you will go over train tracks, mt jordan middle school, Go though 1 light, pass some houses, and turn left on 700 east (the intersection of 700 east and 9400 south, there should be walgreens, sandy mall, Deseret industries).  Head north on 700 east, you will pass Taco bell, wendys.  on the left side across the street where you turn in, there should be tin roof grill, golds gym.  Turn in between wallpaper warehouse and les swab, look for this sign:

xcite from the road, sits about 100 yards back
If you reach Shermin williams, little cesars you have gone too far.

****When you get to studio Xcite 

It looks like this from the outside:

Go inside, the lobby should look like this:

Xcite lobby

In between the front desk and the window there should be a desk with a dark haired girl sitting there, her name is Brittany, she is Amy's (my girlfriend) daughter, she is very nice, get aquainted.   Check in with her, sign in and have her punch your card, pay drop in fees, or buy a membership, or even redeem a coupon if you have one.  

The studio where zumba is held is in though the window on the picture above, there is a door to the left side of it.  After you check in go through the door.

Any more questions?  Email me - or text / call me 801-528-8756. I respond to texts better.

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