Monday, May 23, 2011


1) "Zoomer"  By Les Jumo (French African pop / Coupe Decale, Choreography by Dale Parker)

2)  "Written in the Stars"  By Tinie Tempah  (Hip Hop,  Choreography by Dale Parker)

3)  "Salt in Wounds"  By Pendelum.   (Electronic / Rock,  Choreography by Dale Parker)

4)  "Mueve se Mueve"    ( Merengue,  Choreography By Dale Parker )

5)  "On the Dance Floor"  By David Guetta Feat. Will I.Am.  (Dance/Electronic  Warm up Choreography By Dale Parker)

6)  "Mueve Sin Pena"  By Climax  (Reggaeton / Cumba.  Choreography By Dale Parker)

7)  "Es Un Secreto"  By Plan B  (Reggaeton.  Choreography By Alexi Montes)

8)  "El Party"  By Proyecto Uno  (Merengue Electronica / Merenhouse  Choreography By Alexi Montes)

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