Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Difference Between the "Hell's Angels" and the "Dale's Angels".

The Hell's Angels

1)  The Hell's Angels ride their motorcycle's all over the U.S.

2)  The Hell's Angels are notorious for their "I dont care" attitude.

3)  The Hell's Angels gather from all corners of the U.S. annually to attend Sturgis South Dakota.

4)  The Hell's Angles are addicted to the road, a feeling they can get nowhere else.

5)  The Hell's Angels smell awful!  They dont bathe very often on their long cross country trips.

The Dale's Angels

1)  The "Dale's Angels drive their cars to classes with the Utah Zumba Man on a weekly basis.

2) The Dales Angles are notorious for their attitude and flavor on the zumba dance floor.

3)  The Dale's Angels gather from all over the wasatch front to biannually attend Master Class's with Dale Parker

4)  The Dale's Angels are addicted to their amazing zumba workout they can find nowhere else!

5)  The Dale's Angels smell good before zumba...

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