Sunday, April 24, 2011


Class format

In my classes, i am always changing things and introducing new things to keep everyone on their toes / interested. Lately I have been on a fitness kick.  Has anybody noticed a difference in my routines lately?

 Through much positive feedback, i have new developed a new system, Notice the new warm up?

The warm up, what i have decided to do, is make it as easy as possible, so that every body gets it.. everyone gets into a groove and is energized and ready for the class. first of all, warming up the muscles as we are suppose to, and then doing some moderate passed cardio half way through to get blood/oxygen in your muscles to benefit the next song.. which is a more toning songs.

My toning songs, ive made extremely intense... Notice the new arm workout?  my arms are begging to come down at the end of it..  keep your arms above your heart.

Song 3..  High Cardio

Song 4.. Another Toning.. Intense..  Song 2 and 4 are intense arm and leg toning exersizes

After that, Traditional zumba

Lots of new choreo

Last year, i started cycling in the old songs with all of the new stuff to keep class interesting.  Now, that we have cycled everything in along with the 1 or 2 new choreos we have a week, i feel its time to change everything out and get a fresh start...  Im now adding 3-5 choreos a week.  In addition, i am working extra, extra hard to find the best music out there.

Festival Season

To promote my classes, i am participating a few a few different events, giving demos and free classes.  The next one is May 8th at the latino mall.  These are alot of fun to goto, all my students are more than welcome to come.  and ill try to keep everyone informed.

Relocation of the Midvale classes:

Seem to me like we are going to have to change the name of the midvale mob!  I am looking at some places,  we will be moving sometime in July to a nicer building, nicer location,   larger space.

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