Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man" Revisited

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man" 
Valentines Zumba Master Class with 
"The Utah Zumba Man" Dale Parker
February 5th.  6 P.M.

   I really couldnt ask for a better first Master Class!  

There was a problem with the stage coming in.. which delayed the show about 20 min.  There also was a bit of crowding, but at any great event worth going to, that is going to be an issue.

Dale and fellow mobsters Julie and  Sherry
The turn out was AMAZING!  Everyone came out to support.   We sold out 4 days before.. We tried to keep the numbers below 80, but ended up with over 100 and turned many away...  I was so happy, it was like the best and most stressful day of my life all rolled up into one!

3 cool chicks!  Sinai, Amy, Sisilia
    The lights were great.  DJ Mr. Nichols was changing them constantly.  It was intense that night.  I think i sweated more than i ever had, i couldnt get enough water!

 Karine gave a warm up, Matt did a song, and then i took the rest of the class.

Eileen, Aabri, Lori and other Members of the Midvale Mob with some friends
The Energy was amazing!  It was hard to all take in at first, but everyone seemed to love it and pretty much couldnt wait until the next one!


  1)  "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa  (Brand new Z/D Song w/ Original Choreo By Dale Parker)

  2)  Valentines mix  -  Samples of several classic favorite Z/D songs directed toward the longtime z/d crowd.

  3)  "Forever" by Chris Brown - (Brand new Z/D song.  Dale Parker Duet with the Lovely Amy Hooker.  Original Choreo By Dale Parker

  4)  "Mi Cucu" by Senorita Dinamita - (Brand new Z/D Song.  Split Song with Zumba Instructor / Cumbia Queen Lordes Rios and Dale Parker.  Original Choreo by Dale Parker

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