Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Class more fitness efficient


I always try, but its hard for me to correct it in class.  Ii am going to talk about static squats.  I am talking about when we pose with our legs apart and do something with our hands, such as the clapping sequence from "Jai Ho".  Lately i have been doing alot of these, and MOST of the ppl in class arent getting half of the workout out of them.

What i have been seeing alot is where ppl just bend their knees a bit and just chill until the next move.
More or less like this.  Just bend your knees a bit and chill..  getting little or no fitness benefit out of it.  If you have bad knees then thats fine. 

This is how your squats should look

Just this little change makes the WORLD of difference  believe me.  It is at least 3x harder.  See how she is bending..  I my legs are a bit more spead apart, but just take notes of the angles that these girls are taking.  As a fitness precaution, i would suggest that everyone bends at a 90 degree angle and no more.  If you want to bend more than thats ok.. 

 You can do this or not put the effort forth in class. But if you just realize that if you arent putting the effort into it, you arent recieving the benefits you would be recieveing, and if you have a saggy bum/thighs, then its not my fault.

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