Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review a Zumba with Dale Class

   Calling for a little help - Plenty of ppl tell me they love my class and would recommend it to anyone.  But ppl who find me on the internet really dont know what to expect when coming to a zumba with class.  These are both sites that i pay for on a monthly basis.  If you guys could write a review in one or both of these sites, that would help me out TREMENDOUSLY!  Thanks!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making Class More Fitness Efficient


When we are putting our arms up in the air, i want you to take a look at how i am doing it.  If they are very controlled, i want you to do the same.  If you keep your arms up above your heart then it is an AUTOMATIC ELEVATION of your HEART RATE.

What i often see in class, is where ppl are holding their arms a bit lower then i am;  ppl relax and either they dont know, they dont know because they arent paying attention, or they plain dont want to put the extra effort into it.  I see this alot in my merengues when i am doing the march.  you need to watch this, or when i am doing the side merengue thing that i do in 1,2,3, or Levantando los manos..  Here is a video of beto perez the creator of zumba with a few others teaching a master class.  Take note of their form, how their arms are strong and upright, controlled, not dropping.

Do this in class and i PROMISE, you will feel it in your shoulders.  Do it consistantly and it will tone up your arms tremendously!  It is the little tiny bit more effort you put into your workouts that make ALL of the difference!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1) "Rabiosa"  By  Shakira  (Meregue/Pop, Choreography by Alexi Montes)

2) "Chillin"  By Zumba Fitness (Merengue, Choreography by Gina Grant)


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Morning Utah highlights classes of "The Utah Zumba Man" Dale Parker

Mark your calendars, Wednesday March 2nd..  Set your alarms too, This is a 6 AM Broadcast!

Good Morning Utah (ABC channel 4) will be visiting my 6 AM class!

@Dimpledell Rec center.
10670 South 1000 East Sandy, UT 84094

All instructors, students, and friends of mine are invited to come out and support!  The Mob and the posse will come represent!   Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man" Revisited

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man" 
Valentines Zumba Master Class with 
"The Utah Zumba Man" Dale Parker
February 5th.  6 P.M.

   I really couldnt ask for a better first Master Class!  

There was a problem with the stage coming in.. which delayed the show about 20 min.  There also was a bit of crowding, but at any great event worth going to, that is going to be an issue.

Dale and fellow mobsters Julie and  Sherry
The turn out was AMAZING!  Everyone came out to support.   We sold out 4 days before.. We tried to keep the numbers below 80, but ended up with over 100 and turned many away...  I was so happy, it was like the best and most stressful day of my life all rolled up into one!

3 cool chicks!  Sinai, Amy, Sisilia
    The lights were great.  DJ Mr. Nichols was changing them constantly.  It was intense that night.  I think i sweated more than i ever had, i couldnt get enough water!

 Karine gave a warm up, Matt did a song, and then i took the rest of the class.

Eileen, Aabri, Lori and other Members of the Midvale Mob with some friends
The Energy was amazing!  It was hard to all take in at first, but everyone seemed to love it and pretty much couldnt wait until the next one!


  1)  "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa  (Brand new Z/D Song w/ Original Choreo By Dale Parker)

  2)  Valentines mix  -  Samples of several classic favorite Z/D songs directed toward the longtime z/d crowd.

  3)  "Forever" by Chris Brown - (Brand new Z/D song.  Dale Parker Duet with the Lovely Amy Hooker.  Original Choreo By Dale Parker

  4)  "Mi Cucu" by Senorita Dinamita - (Brand new Z/D Song.  Split Song with Zumba Instructor / Cumbia Queen Lordes Rios and Dale Parker.  Original Choreo by Dale Parker

Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Class more fitness efficient


I always try, but its hard for me to correct it in class.  Ii am going to talk about static squats.  I am talking about when we pose with our legs apart and do something with our hands, such as the clapping sequence from "Jai Ho".  Lately i have been doing alot of these, and MOST of the ppl in class arent getting half of the workout out of them.

What i have been seeing alot is where ppl just bend their knees a bit and just chill until the next move.
More or less like this.  Just bend your knees a bit and chill..  getting little or no fitness benefit out of it.  If you have bad knees then thats fine. 

This is how your squats should look

Just this little change makes the WORLD of difference  believe me.  It is at least 3x harder.  See how she is bending..  I my legs are a bit more spead apart, but just take notes of the angles that these girls are taking.  As a fitness precaution, i would suggest that everyone bends at a 90 degree angle and no more.  If you want to bend more than thats ok.. 

 You can do this or not put the effort forth in class. But if you just realize that if you arent putting the effort into it, you arent recieving the benefits you would be recieveing, and if you have a saggy bum/thighs, then its not my fault.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Master Class with JP Santana and Latin Jam

JP Santana is coming back to town!  Last time he was AMAZING!  

Make sure and mark your calendars, MARCH 4th. at 7 PM at the Sportsplex in Kaysville UT.  He will be doing a master class at the sportsplex with his Latin Jam instructors.  Latin jam is JPs version of Latin Dance fitness.   It is based out of L.A..  Jp was a Presenter for Zumba for many years.  Come with me and get the most amazing work out ever!