Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zumba Flash Revisited

  Zumba Flash, featuring the Zumba Squad and many other instructors in the North Davis county area.

The Stage at Zumba Flash
   This is what i saw when i got there.. What is the word im looking for to describe it?  oh.. SICK!

Iryana's cooldown.  Diosa Oliveres, Iryana Figueroa, Dale Parker, Lou Rios
  This Event was put on my Tomee's students!  Tomee is a marketing teacher at a high school in kaysville (a really good one).

All of the instructors on stage
All of the instructors got up on stage while Lourdes taught capirhina.

Tomee Pace

My guess is, Tomee was pleased with the outcome of Zumba Flash.  =)

Zumba Flash instructors

It was a good show.  I was suprised how good some of these instructors where.  This picture isnt even that good, i mainly added it because you can see my delts pretty well.  =).

The Zumba Squad Themselves!

=).   The crowd was AWESOME!  about 150 presales.. Ive said it once, "the kids are allright!"

Can Anyone guess what move i am doing here?  Im going to post a great choreo of me doing ZwD favorite, "Get Big" very soon.  watch for it.

Zumba Flash Instructors from left to right:  Dale Parker, Lourdes Rios, Iryana Figueroa, Tomee Pace, Diosa DeAgostine, Kymmy Amesquita, Amber Peterson, Amy Arner, Lisa Loomis, Cammie Maw.

I had a great time at zumba flash.  The next big class is my own Master class!

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