Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New YEaR!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It has been an amazing year!  Last year was great, im confident we will have an even better year this year!

I resolve to be:

1)  The Most Fit I have ever been in my life,  Best Definition.
2)  A better instructor to my students, offer more to them, be more in touch. BE ON TIME (thanks lori.)

How about you guys?

How often should you be exercising to achieve your fitness goals?

here is a short answer to that question:

To help you with your resolutions, i am now offering a Sunday class!  930 AM, the same time as the saturday class at the midvalley center for the performing arts.

Look how exited he is about the New sunday Zumba class with Dale!

3 New things on the Zumba-With-Dale Agenda

1) New Domain -            ( still works)

2) New Class -  Sunday Morning Midvale

3) New Master class - Watch for it, febuary 5th


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