Friday, January 28, 2011


1) "Did it Again"  By Kid Kudi Feat. Shakira  (Dance/Pop, Choreography by Mandy Polkowski)


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zumba while Pregnant?

   Lately, I have had a few expecting mothers in my classes asking me about what to watch out for in class while they are pregnant.  It is important to keep exercising though out your pregnancy, however, you need to be more careful.  I have a few different things to watch out for:

1)  Watch any exercises involving your stomach -  Such as sit ups, crunches..  Watch the standing crunches I do in class.  Also, watch your lounges and squats - many fitness professionals do not recommend expecting mothers to do these at all because sometimes it is challenging not to involve your stomach.

2)  Low impact - No jumping!  Do not let both feet leave the floor at once.  Ex - Jumping jacks should be       executed  with a step-out, step-out, step-in, step-in motion, opposed to out in, out in.

3)  Do not exert yourself - The idea is to maintain your fitness level, not move up to the next.  The reason is, you dont want to bring your body temperature up too high.. Your baby does not cool down as fast as you do.

4)  Drink Plenty of water! -  In a group fitness class, Affa recommends you drink at least 16 oz. before class, 16 oz. during, and 16 oz after.  This is for everyone!  But is more important when you are pregnant!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zumba Parties w/ the Z/D crew!

Last thursday i had a zumba party in lehi!  It was so much fun!  It was a free class and amazing advertising!  About 40 ppl showed up!  All thanks to Angela Hobbs!

Angela Dietrich Hobbs, key member of the Lehi Z/D crew
Angela has been the main reason Z/D is able to stay in Lehi and in Utah county.  She has been a tremendous support and has a part of the Z/D crew.  As a gift for setting up the class, I am rewarding her with this shirt.

Again i would like to thank Angela, i wouldnt be able to carry on and keep on teaching zumba independently, if i didnt have students like her!

It was also great to see alot of my old students from the legacy center at the party! And of course Kylee and Lisa.  Thanks guys!

Friday, January 21, 2011


1) "Pula"  By Tijiuana  (Funk Carioca, Original Choreography by Dale Parker)

   (How do you guys like these Axe songs i have been doing lately?  i need your feed back in order to have the best class possible, thanks.) 


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zumbathon Saturday

I agreed to do a warm up for a Zumbathon this Saturday.

You are all invited.  It is going to be at the latino mall (which is very nice). I just ate at the little taco place there and HOLY GEEZ! it was really good.

Instructors: Ana Vidal ,Alitza Petit , Karla Padilla ,Aileen Vasquez ,Michelle Anderson & Dana Rosi

They are more or less helping me promote my master class by letting me do this.  All great instructors.  It should be really fun!  come out!

Here is the fb page:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Class Tomorrow, Thursday night.

I am doing a free class In lehi at 8 pm to promote my lehi class. You are all in invited. It is on 5052 N. Homestead Dr. Lehi.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Never go to bed angry, stay awake and plot your revenge."

Dale answers serious questions too!  to ask your question, comment below.

Ask the Fitness expert!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Class Tonight

   Im doing this to promote my master class.. you are all invited.  Its at 1450 Raddon Drive in the Sandy/Draper Area.  It is at 7 PM

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zumba Flash Revisited

  Zumba Flash, featuring the Zumba Squad and many other instructors in the North Davis county area.

The Stage at Zumba Flash
   This is what i saw when i got there.. What is the word im looking for to describe it?  oh.. SICK!

Iryana's cooldown.  Diosa Oliveres, Iryana Figueroa, Dale Parker, Lou Rios
  This Event was put on my Tomee's students!  Tomee is a marketing teacher at a high school in kaysville (a really good one).

All of the instructors on stage
All of the instructors got up on stage while Lourdes taught capirhina.

Tomee Pace

My guess is, Tomee was pleased with the outcome of Zumba Flash.  =)

Zumba Flash instructors

It was a good show.  I was suprised how good some of these instructors where.  This picture isnt even that good, i mainly added it because you can see my delts pretty well.  =).

The Zumba Squad Themselves!

=).   The crowd was AWESOME!  about 150 presales.. Ive said it once, "the kids are allright!"

Can Anyone guess what move i am doing here?  Im going to post a great choreo of me doing ZwD favorite, "Get Big" very soon.  watch for it.

Zumba Flash Instructors from left to right:  Dale Parker, Lourdes Rios, Iryana Figueroa, Tomee Pace, Diosa DeAgostine, Kymmy Amesquita, Amber Peterson, Amy Arner, Lisa Loomis, Cammie Maw.

I had a great time at zumba flash.  The next big class is my own Master class!


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Saturday, January 8, 2011


1) "Tchubirabiron"  By Paragole   (Axe,  Choreography by Axe group Sensacao Lambaerobica)

   (How do you guys like these Axe songs i have been doing lately?  i need your feed back in order to have the best class possible, thanks.) 


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man" Zumba Master Class with "The Utah Zumba Man" Dale Parker

Save the Date, Febuary 5th!  HOLY GEEZ! - im so exited!!!!

"Spend Your Valentines with Another Man"  Zumba Master class with Dale Parker aka "The Utah Zumba Man"

DF Latin Studio
     2978 S. State St.
     SLC, Utah, 84115

6 PM - 8 PM

February 5th

Until February 1st:  $10
Between February 1st and February 5th: $12
February 5th and at the Door: $15

Buy now

Facebook event

    When the Zumba Squad decided that collectively they weren't going to do the annual "Zumba Love" Master class, I was quite bummed.   I didnt want to let down my students so i decided to do a solo master class.

The Zumba Squad.  (L to R) Lourdes, Iryana, Dale, Tomee, Diosa.  Just Before "Zumba Love" Master class February 2010 At the Sportsplex in Kaysville, Utah.

    My first solo master class (Not a zumbathon, there is a big difference, a zumbathon is a fund raiser, ppl come for a cause, Master classes, the benefits goto the instructor), last Thanksgiving turned out well.  I had over 40 ppl, but it was down at the Midvalley Center for the Performing Arts, (where i teach my regular classes).  But i had to split the class into two after my students complained about it being too crowded.  So it was kinda gay but it worked.  This time i wanted to find somewhere big enough that i could have everyone in one room.

The Midvalley Center for the Performing Arts where Dale Teaches.  Sinai Pauni out front (look how happy she is!) taken by her sister Sisilia Iongi.
Class 2 of The Thanksgiving 2010 Master Class with "The Utah Zumba Man" Dale Parker.   Front to back:   row 1: Dale Parker, Row 2: Inna, Mary, Mayra Alacon, Sherry, Karine Gonam, Row 3: Valerie, Minerva Sanchez, Karen(i think).  Back row:  Jimmy, Jessamy, Jaynelle.  Taken by the lovely Amy Hooker.

  So i got with my promoter and I decided that i wanted this class to be a bit more special.  So we found somewhere for a great price, somewhere that nice, and somewhere that a DJ could run some lights and have great sound.  We came up with Df Latin Studio.  

We have also decided to do some drawings etc to have something else fun at the event.

STUDENTS, Midvale Mob, fellow instructors, friends:

I NEED YOUR HELP.  If you would like to help me out,   i have somethings that you can do that will be a HUGE help and it would only take you about five minutes.  If you would like to help, contact me - 

Phone:  801-528-8756  Call or text..
Website:  Serious?

Anyhow,  This is going to be the best master class ever!  I cant wait to see you all!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


1) "Rebolation"  By Paragole   (Axe,  Choreography Off of the music video and i added some)

   (Its a bit tough on the transitions but im conifident you guys will get it!) 


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New YEaR!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It has been an amazing year!  Last year was great, im confident we will have an even better year this year!

I resolve to be:

1)  The Most Fit I have ever been in my life,  Best Definition.
2)  A better instructor to my students, offer more to them, be more in touch. BE ON TIME (thanks lori.)

How about you guys?

How often should you be exercising to achieve your fitness goals?

here is a short answer to that question:

To help you with your resolutions, i am now offering a Sunday class!  930 AM, the same time as the saturday class at the midvalley center for the performing arts.

Look how exited he is about the New sunday Zumba class with Dale!

3 New things on the Zumba-With-Dale Agenda

1) New Domain -            ( still works)

2) New Class -  Sunday Morning Midvale

3) New Master class - Watch for it, febuary 5th