Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zumba End of the Year Bash featuring Karine and Diosa

Karine and Diosa are doing a year end Master class

Diosa and Karine are both excellent and successful instructors.  I have worked with Diosa a number of times with the zumba squad.  And Karine has been a big part of my classes and supports just about everything i do, and i did a class with her last year this time.  It is very important to me for these guys to have the best master class possible.  They have both been a huge support to me.  I am going, Amy is going, lets get a crowd and go down.  We can make this a very special thursday night class for us all. Comment below if you would like to go plz.  Or email me  via

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  1. A chance to end 2010 With two fun and enthusiastic instructors. I Can't wait!


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