Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zumba Rumba 2!

The Zumba Squad!  Iryana, Lourdes, Dale, Diosa, and Tomee

Zumba rumba 2 was a HUGE success!  it went better on every aspect.  More ppl dressed up, Everybody had more fun,  PPl came from further away, More of my zumbawithdale hommies came!  The zumba squad worked extremely well together and all performed better!  Ill admit, i didnt make an excellent richard simmons, but i had TONS of fun!

Annie, Lori(Madam Prez of the fanclub), and Pam

YEAH!!!!  hahha.     Heart of zumba with dale!  Love the support!  You guys are the best!

attendees of the party!  Robots: Cammie Maw & friend, Snow Bear: Jona Silas,  Madonna (pink totoo) Paige Allen.

Here is the whole group.  Over 100 ppl attended!  Over 20 of those where the Zumba-With-Dale crowd attended, Mainly the midvale group.

Lourdes, Amy Magregor, Amy Hooker ( Strawberry shortcake never looked so good!) Diosa, Iryana.

  Amy Macregor  (midvale student) won the most energetic award!   Woot!

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