Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving class (revisited)

Turned out great!  about 25 the first class, and 16 the second!  I spent alot of time on this to make it special for everybody.  I wrote 6 new choreos,  All where songs that i searched long and hard for, and i spent more time on the choreos then i usually do. and i had a big mix of old favorites, a collage of songs linked together with highlights of each.  And some of my students asked if i would do the thanksgiving mix in in my regular class... nope, sorry IM RESERVING THIS FOR MY NEXT MASTER CLASS!!  Im calling this my first solo master class.. stay tuned for more master classes.. They will be bigger and better.  Id like to thank everyone that came!  great turn out!

 Fun!  This is the second class (they are all the second class)

Anyone guess what we are doing here?  zumba 101

Minerva, Dale, Mayra, Karine, and Maria.  I had my fellow instructors teach a routine in the second class.

Honestly, i wish i had more pictures. Something happened to the photographer i arranged to have here, so these are all pictures that ppl took.. Thanks guys!

Friday, November 19, 2010

ZumbaWear on sale!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 7

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 5

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 6

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 4

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 2

ZumbawithDale: May 8 Part 3

ZumbawithDale May 8 Part 1

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Come out Thanksgiving morning!   There are a couple of suprises that i havent announced yet that will be going on during this class!  stay tuned.  Ill make it all worth your while!  This flier is incorrect, there will be a class at 9 AM and a class at 1030 AM.  the classes are 1.5 Hours long.

Zumba Rumba 2!

The Zumba Squad!  Iryana, Lourdes, Dale, Diosa, and Tomee

Zumba rumba 2 was a HUGE success!  it went better on every aspect.  More ppl dressed up, Everybody had more fun,  PPl came from further away, More of my zumbawithdale hommies came!  The zumba squad worked extremely well together and all performed better!  Ill admit, i didnt make an excellent richard simmons, but i had TONS of fun!

Annie, Lori(Madam Prez of the fanclub), and Pam

YEAH!!!!  hahha.     Heart of zumba with dale!  Love the support!  You guys are the best!

attendees of the party!  Robots: Cammie Maw & friend, Snow Bear: Jona Silas,  Madonna (pink totoo) Paige Allen.

Here is the whole group.  Over 100 ppl attended!  Over 20 of those where the Zumba-With-Dale crowd attended, Mainly the midvale group.

Lourdes, Amy Magregor, Amy Hooker ( Strawberry shortcake never looked so good!) Diosa, Iryana.

  Amy Macregor  (midvale student) won the most energetic award!   Woot!